Features for ICT and Digital freelancers

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Matching jobs

You will receive only jobs that match your profile and preferences. As a freelancer you can complete your profile and manage your own preferences. 

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Protecting your privacy

Your profile will only be visible to an employer when you have confirmed your interest by applying to their job post. Without a reply you will never be visible to anyone.

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Make an offer in no time

The application is easy to use as it holds only  absolutely necessary functionalities needed for making a good offer.  

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Short term assignments

Are you only interested in short term job offers? You can choose the option and you can even define what 'short term' means to you.

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Exclusive services

As a registered freelancer, you have the opportunity to enjoy our partnership services, for instance group discounts. Don't hesitate to reap the benefits of our partnership services for registered freelancers!

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Prepare your job interview efficiently

Find out what the parallels are between your profile and the job description. You can export your match in PDF and easily prepare for your job interview.

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Good applications overview

See the matching current jobs in a mouse click and go through your applications.

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