About Free2IT

Our Mission

Free2IT wants to help ICT and Digital freelancers directly find new projects that match their skills and discover new customers in different sectors. We want to offer freelancers exclusive services enabled by interesting partnerships.

Our values and qualities

The values that drive our product design are: impartiality, user friendliness, quality, privacy and no hidden costs.

These qualities result in a platform with many advantages for ICT and Digital freelancers:

  • Matching jobs due to our unbiased high quality matching
  • High success rate of being hired
  • Protection of your privacy
  • Ability to make an offer in no time
  • Short and long term assignments
  • Efficient preparation for your job interview
  • Easy to use

Intelligent matching

Using our experience in and knowledge of the ICT and Digital market combined with our analytical and mathematical skills, we were able to create a much smarter matching engine than the usual suspects. We evaluate and match the skills of a freelancer in a more complete way than other initiatives have done until now. This match allows you to detect new job opportunities effectively with a much higher success rate of being hired.  

An value-added concept

As a platform with already thousands of registered freelancers, we can offer you exclusive partner deals enabled by partnerships. Because we can position ourselves as a group, we can offer attractive group discounts. 

Our partnership with Global Knowledge, the world's largest independent provider of IT training, allows us to provide training discounts for freelancers. With this partnership, you have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, make yourself more marketable and gain extra competency.

Finally, we have a partnership with Certibit, which makes it possible to offer freelancers insurance and advice. This allows you to indemnify yourself against specific risks according to your professional situation. 

If you are a freelancer looking for a new freelance job. Try it now!

Our team

Bart Van Mol / Founder

Bart has been with Free2IT since the idea was developed in 2009. He built and developed the Free2IT platform from scratch, focusing in particular on the research and development of its innovative discovery and business matching engine, the cornerstone of Free2IT.

Bart has been occupied primarily with business development activities since Free2IT went live in 2013, and is the driving force behind the concept.

Bart is dedicated to using the many years of experience and expertise he acquired to turn Free2IT into a success.

Geert Hoffbauer / Chief Efficiency Officer 

Geert joined the team in 2014 when he became Free2IT’s chief efficiency officer. He is committed to the promotion of Free2IT’s services to companies and their integration into these organizations. Another priority of his is to strengthen the confidence that clients have in the company by placing an emphasis on high quality and outstanding service.

Geert aims to ensure that Free2IT becomes and remains the leading go-to service model in the industry, based on a policy of honesty and transparency. In this way, Free2IT will develop and grow to become the new standard for easily connecting experts and companies looking for external support.

Ludmila Nieslaniková / Marketing and Service Administrator

Ludmila has been part of the Free2IT team since 2014. She is passionate about marketing, both online and offline, and assists in promoting Free2IT on social media. She also provides the back-office support needed to deliver Free2IT services to larger companies.

Ludmila studied Civil Engineering at the Brno University of Technology, where she obtained a Master’s degree. After working in this field for almost four years she was given the opportunity to participate in the Free2IT project. This is a new challenge for her, from which she is rapidly gaining new experience. She enjoys meeting people who love what they are doing, which is a perfect description of the Free2IT team.


Jan Moens

Jan is our partner in charge of all legal and contractual matters arising in relation to our various services.

Free2IT has built up a strong partnership with Favorlogic, thus enabling the continuous improvement of the Free2IT platform. Favorlogic can rely on a team of highly skilled developers managed by the three co-founders, who are charged with the following responsibilities at Free2IT:

Michal Huvar / Head of Development

Michal has been the Head of Development of the Free2IT platform since 2012. His first experiences with the project were as a project manager, during which time he was responsible for architecture design, development and the delivery of the Free2IT web application.

In 2014 Michal joined the Free2IT team as the Head of Development at Favorlogic, of which he is also a co-founder. His main responsibility is to keep the Free2IT web application running flawlessly and maintaining not only its high level of performance but also the platform’s continuous, future-proof development. He is dedicated to making it a truly great platform!

Michal was born and lives in the Czech Republic. He holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the Brno University of Technology.

Jan Liška / Front end developer

Jan has been part of the Free2IT team since 2014. Prior to that, he worked as a JavaScript programmer on numerous projects for a wide range of international companies. His main task is to maintain the high standard of Free2IT UI and UX. Before Free2IT he participated in the start-up of an international company.

Jan was born and raised in the Czech Republic. He holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the Brno University of Technology and also studied in Denmark.

Martin Mecera / Platform developer

Martin joined the Free2IT team in 2014. He works together with Michal and Jan on platform development. His main responsibility is the back end part of the system. Martin’s greatest wish is to enhance the Free2IT platform’s user-friendliness and to keep it enjoyable for both service providers and companies.

Martin’s hobby is programming. His specializations are Facebook and Google programming, network applications, business logic and systems integration.

Martin was born in the Czech Republic. He earned his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Software Engineering at the Brno University of Technology.